Academic Programs


A.       Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) – Nursery, Kindergarten and  Preparatory

The Preparatory program focuses on foundational, holistic and liberating learning systems and technologies with the    application of the Science Research Associates (SRA) Distar Reading and Language Laboratory system.  A unique feature  of our ECDP is the teaching of Life Skill Tasks.  Our program aims to discover, cultivate  and nurture a child’s         intelligences and talents to achieve his maximum potential.

The following subjects will be taught in preschool Language, Reading, Math, Science, Computer, Speech, Writing, Arts, Life Skill Tasks, Physical Education and Filipino (for Prep only)

  B.   Primary Education Development Program (PEDP)  Grades 1 - 6

The Grade school offers a developmental approach in learning, focusing on individualized instruction and the application of Science Research Associates (SRA) Reading Laboratory system.  The combination of scientific discipline and liberating process of education  aims  to  equip,   encourage and empower our students with the necessary learning skills, attitudes and habits in preparation for their secondary education.

The following subjects will be taught in Grades 1,2 & 3.  Language, Reading, Math, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, GMRC, Computer, Speech, Writing, Arts, Music and Physical Education.

Foreign Language will be an elective subject for this school year to give our students ample time to develop their English Language skills.  The Spanish language will be  offered this school year.

C.    College Preparatory Education Program (CPEP) 

Grade 7 – Grade 10